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This page is where I spend most of my time on the internet, as it takes me to everything that I love.



Blackpool 2011





I return to Pride Park in 2011 and even did a lap around the pitch!


The Gamer!











 March 2008

MY First Ever Football Game.

The Little Princess Fund arranged for a great day out for daddy and me at the Derby County V Sunderland game.  This was my first football game and get the feeling Daddy was much more excited than I was but we still had a great time.  The Score was 0-0 so hardly a thrilling encounter for my first game and got a little bored towards the end but lasted the full 90 minutes.  There were over 33,000 people there!


Next Time I am hoping to be on the pitch with Rammy, so watch this space.


  February 2008

I lost my first tooth!!!

December 2007

I enjoyed a day at the NEC in Birmingham for the Magic Of Christmas event, check out the picture of me below with Dylan on a huge climbing wall.

I was really good at it, and made it across quite quickly, so maybe I have future in climbing.

November 2007

Here I am with a really cool toy, you have to Excavate the egg to reveal a dinosaur model, it's going to take me a few days to finish it though.  It's really hard work.




September 2007

The new Johnny Wilkinson


July 2007

Sports Day

Here is a picture of me warming up, before the big race at my School's Sports Day

May 2007

Euro Disney


April 2007

I have recently returned from a great holiday in Germany, and enjoyed driving a big red tractor all on my own, how cool is that?

When I returned from my Easter Break,  I decided it was time I learnt to ride my bike without any help, it took alot of guts and determination but after a day of constant practice, I am proud to say I have finally mastered it. Watch out for me on my 2 wheels, Don't Stop Me Now, I'm Having Such a Good Time!

March 2006

I'm 6 years old, not long before I can go on the really big rides at theme parks.  I just need to grow a few more inches.

January 2006

I have a really cool Scooby Doo Room now, I love it so much.


October 31st 2006

I'm Feeling Scary!

I had a fantastic time at my friend Isobel Randall's Halloween Party tonight and then went trick or treating with my other friend Maisey and her mum Emma.


Sorry I haven't updated you all in ages, but I have been so busy having fun and getting up to loads of mischief.  I seem to have developed a talent for making people laugh and they tell me laughter is the best medicine so I'm sticking with it.

At the moment I love music, gaming on my Xbox, Magic tricks but most of all having my sister Samantha back home with me.  We have so much fun together and never stop laughing.

I am really excited about Christmas, and I've started writing my list of things for Santa to bring me, I have been a really good boy this year so it should be a cracking Christmas.


June 2006

I like to think I can spot a summer hit single a mile away and thought you may all want to know what's got me singing from the top of my lungs at the moment.  It's a song called Monster by a band called Automatic.

If you havnt heard it yet, it goes something like "What's That Coming Over The Hill...Is It A Monster!"

I love it so much and cannot stop singing it!

May 2006

I'm back from my fantastic holiday at Malcolm Sargent House in Prestwick, Scotland.  We all had the time of our lives thanks to CLIC Sargent who provide a holiday to remember for children and young people who are fighting cancer throughout the United Kingdom.

The accommodation sits directly on the seafront, offering breathtaking views of the Firth of Clyde and the Isle of Arran, which is an inspirational setting whatever the weather.

The people there did everything possible to keep us smiling and entertained and even my sister Samantha never once had a spare moment to say she was bored like she sometimes does.  There were so many planned activities, we were both excited to be enjoying ourselves and being on holiday together.



Things I Love

Playing with Samantha

We are such a good team, and get up to lots of mischief together.

Post Pals has got to be the greatest website ever!  My sister and I have had so many e-mails, postcards, letters and gifts from all over the world thanks to this fantastic site.

Both Samantha and get so excited when we get mail from all over the world.

Post Pals


Songs I Like.