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If Children have the ability to ignore odds and percentages,
then maybe we can all learn from them.
When you think about it, what other chance is there but to hope?
We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up, or fight like hell".

-Lance Armstrong

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Pain is Temporary, Quitting Is Forever.

-Lance Armstrong



     “There are 2 ways to live your life.

  One is as though nothing is a miracle. 

 The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

 Albert Einstein  



Samantha's Story




Brendan Devlin completed the London Marathon in a fantastic time of 3 hours and 38 minutes!

Despite the cold and the rain, my hero not only completed the race in an excellent time but also raised so much money for the Neuroblastoma Charity Georgie's fund.  If you click on his picture above you can see that he has raised over £850 from his Just Giving Internet Page alone. 

Brendan now has the much harder task of collecting in money from sponsorship forms but is very hopeful he will make his £1500 target.

I will let you know how much he raises and more details on his big day very soon.



Since Samantha was Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage 4 we have been overwhelmed by support from all over the world, in particular the charity Georgie's Fund, who have been very helpful and helped inspire us to document Samantha's battle and create this website to raise awareness and help fund research into a cure and new treatments for Neuroblastoma. 

                              Sky Sports Presenter Richard Keys is the Patron of Georgie's Fund


                                                   registered charity No: 1104842


Georgie's Fund has been set up in memory of a little boy called George Hayhoe who lost his battle against Neuroblastoma on 21st January 2004 aged just 8 years old.

In just 1 year they have raised £34,000.

The Neuroblastoma Society is intended to be the main beneficiary of Georgie's Fund fundraising. The NSOC have been established for over 20 years and are the main funders of research into Neuroblastoma in the UK. They have an established Scientific Advisory Board set up to vet all research applications that are submitted.

Georgie's Fund has also made donations to many Children's Cancer Wards and help put the smile onto children's faces who are suffering from this nasty disease by sending gifts as well as offering support for families such as ours.

Samantha's Grandad and his work colleagues collected an amazing £744 and they are still fundraising! Well done to you all!

Aunty Lynsey has sent Georgie's Fund £135 that she has collected so far and she is still fundraising, selling wristbands to raise awareness and funds for Neuroblastoma. 

Huge thank-you to Lynsey and all at Ernest Jones Jewellers in Derby.

Special Thanks to Jane Hawkridge who's department at the hospital collected the money they saved by not sending Christmas cards this year and donated the amount raised to Georgie's Fund.


Staff at Royal Mail Derby Raise Money for Samantha.

Royal Mail workers in Derby raised £200 for Samantha after taking her story to their hearts in December 2005.

Phil Hattersley started the ball rolling and Adie Mannion, Rich Conway, Steve Desmond and Gaz Winter all helped by collecting a whopping £200 from Royal Mail Staff for little old me.

We all thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for being so kind and generous at a difficult time and want to thank each and every person who donated and assure you it will be put to good use.  Staff suggested we split the money between a charity of our choice and Samantha.

After speaking with Mummy and Daddy, we do not want to waste the money on even more presents as I am lucky to have so many at the moment, so we are putting £100 into my personal bank account which I will be able to access in the future.  We are going to give the other £100 to our Neuroblastoma charity of choice Georgie's Fund who have been so helpful and supportive of our family and even offered to help the hospital that I am staying at.

Coming Soon

Brendan Devlin from Royal Mail Derby is to run the London Marathon for Georgie's Fund.

Inspiring fundraising from staff at Counter Solutions in Derbyshire for Georgie's Fund on my behalf.

If you would like to help us fight Neuroblastoma, follow the link below to donate items for their raffle, buy a wristband/badge to support our cause or make a donation.

       registered charity No: 1104842

Click Picture of me below for my very own Fundraising Page